Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mapping Tool

Just did my first mapping with the @lefep tool at 

Wardley Map
Figure 1.  WardleyMap on @lefep web tool

My first thought isn't about the tool which was really easy to learn and use, but the download formatting.  It outputs .png.

The thought here is we should want to show it to people, talk about the map and make adjustments to it.

  • Showing it in this format, perfect.
  • Talking about the map in this format, great.
  • Making adjustments to it... have to do it in the webtool.

Maybe something to put into the backlog, a story about users that may want to adjust the map or the formatting to fit a specific need.

Great job @lefep.  What takes me 20 min in Visio took me all of 5 min on the tool.  A certain timesaver.