Value Chain Mapping

NEW --  Wardley Mapping Humor

Thanks for Simon Wardley @swardley for providing this really great set of tools to understand things a little better.

I also understand he's writing a book on this method.  I'm super excited to see how that comes out.  Until that happens, @al94781 Andrew Harmel-Law has put together this MOBI for your portable reading experience.

You might also visit where @swardley and friends (minions) will lead conversations on mapping.

Wardley Map Community on

Useful links from @cpswan

from @mwfogleman

This absolutely wonderful video by @adrianco

This wonderful video by @WillHamill

And Simon himself at OSCON 2010 2014 2015 2017Crossing the RiverEverything Else
     Mocking a Numpty

A curated list of videos on youtube by John Grant about Wardley Mapping

A Wikipedia entry

...   Click Here to see my maps in newest first order

Evolving a Business Process with a Wardley Map
Part 2

Getting to the New Problems

Descriptive Evolution Mapping

Settlers and New Problems

Enterprise Virtualization vs Public Cloud 2018 (Mapping, Wardley)

It's about the data.  Getting at useful data with connect home and IoT. 

Value Chain Mapping tool @lefep get a map out quick!

Codeless programming, extending the Decoupled Hardware and Application Chaining concepts.  #codeless #graphical #programming.

DevOps is sensing for Platform's sake

Next IT Shift, back to Distributed

Decoupled Hardware and Application Chaining, #serverless #microservices
Carriers could eat the WAN and more

Future of SD-WAN and the Value Chain

Workloads moving to Public Cloud

Computing, ROI and Performance - Value Chain

As the Pendulum Swings

Healthcare 2016

Network Function Virtualization 2016

Software Defined Security (not in 2016)

My First Value Chain - Enterprise virtualization plus discussion

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