Value Chain Mapping (Wardley Maps)

some  Wardley Mapping Humor

Thanks for Simon Wardley @swardley for providing this really great set of tools to understand things a little better.

I also understand he's writing a book on this method.  I'm super excited to see how that comes out.  Until that happens, @al94781 Andrew Harmel-Law has put together this MOBI for your portable reading experience.

You might also visit where @swardley and friends (minions) will lead conversations on mapping.  (check out their Slack channel)

Wardley Map Community on

Mapping Maps Newsletter

Wardley Mapping @ the London School of Economics

Useful links from @cpswan

from @mwfogleman

This absolutely wonderful video by @adrianco

This wonderful video by @WillHamill

A video by Mike Lamb

A video by Sue Borchardt

And Simon himself at OSCON 2010 2014 2015 2017, UXBrighton 2017Crossing the RiverEverything Else
     Mocking a Numpty

A curated list of videos on youtube by John Grant about Wardley Mapping

Wardley Maps at Open Security Summit 2018

A Wikipedia entry

And the ultimate guffaw, Strategy Mad Libs

...   Click Here to see my maps in newest first order

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