Thursday, April 13, 2017

Codeless programming

Based on the conversation of decoupled hardware and applications, there is a possibility of graphical code integration as only seen in specific environments.  See LabVIEW, Yahoo Pipes, etc.

In much the same way that we've created reusability in aspects of code in the creation of containers and serverless, there is likely an additional digital shift that can drive the mainstream of programming.
Evolution to codeless
Figure 1.  Flirtation with codeless
Codeless is the further evolution of the composite of Application Chaining with advancement of Graphical controlled logic, conditional integrations and data mapping.

This becomes an inflection point in programming.  It is an abstraction of traditional programming that makes it possible to provide the capability to program to the masses.

It is graphical, utilizing common drag-and-drop methods with flowchart like linkage between sources of data and the manipulation of that data.

Codeless doesn't remove coding, much like serverless didn't remove servers.  It doesn't remove the need to create code using traditional methods, but it will be the means for the largely uninitiated to create meaningful output from code and application inputs.

If you want to have a glimpse of this possible future, have a look at what and zapier are doing.  (There are possibly more, this list is not exhaustive.)

Thanks to @swardley, @cpswan and @IanMmmm for bringing this to my attention. #mapping

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  1. This idea of code less programming sounds new and interesting to me. I am student of computer science and I think that I must do some research on this topic.