Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Smallering" of the Enterprise Data Center

There is an acceleration of workloads moving away from the Enterprise Data Center.

Figure 1.  Workload Movement
The Digital Shift is contributing to a fundamental change in how and where applications are hosted.

Uptake in the use of Public Cloud as a principle target for what IDC calls the 3rd Platform is shifting application development toward vendors like AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Co-Location Data Center providers are rapidly shifting the cost of Data Center to a Utility model of delivery.  The contestable monthly cost at any volume in an OpEx delivery model of the Mega Data Center providers creates the consumption utility.

Fundamental business operation applications are being consumed in the as-a-Service model, eliminating entirely the need to host those applications in the Enterprise Data Center.  Consider the range between Salesforce and Microsoft o365.

As workloads move out of the traditional Enterprise Data Center, the Enterprise Data Center estate will have to be right sized in some significant way.

Consolidation of Data Centers will play a role in the remaining assets of the Enterprise Data Center estates.  CIOs should consider this when considering workload placement for the next equipment refresh cycles.

Why?  http://www.abusedbits.com/2016/11/why-public-cloud-wins-workload-love.html 

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  1. The digital shift is very real!!! I too have been employed in a company for years and its evolution from human jobs to automation has been surreal. The future is all digital and computeristic, if thats a word.lol