Value Chain Mapping

Thanks for Simon Wardley @swardley for providing this really great set of tools to understand things a little better.

I also understand he's writing a book on this method.  I'm super excited to see how that comes out.

You might also visit where @swardley and friends will lead conversations on mapping.

Useful links from @cpswan

Settlers and New Problems

Enterprise Virtualization vs Public Cloud 2018 (Mapping, Wardley)

It's about the data.  Getting at useful data with connect home and IoT. 

Value Chain Mapping tool @lefep get a map out quick!

Codeless programming, extending the Decoupled Hardware and Application Chaining concepts.  #codeless #graphical #programming.

DevOps is sensing for Platform's sake

Next IT Shift, back to Distributed

Decoupled Hardware and Application Chaining, #serverless #microservices
Carriers could eat the WAN and more

Future of SD-WAN and the Value Chain

Workloads moving to Public Cloud

Computing, ROI and Performance - Value Chain

As the Pendulum Swings

Healthcare 2016

Network Function Virtualization 2016

Software Defined Security (not in 2016)

My First Value Chain - Enterprise virtualization plus discussion

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