Thursday, September 5, 2019

The IT Toolbox #007 - Definitions #3 - drink the SHIFDX

Drinking the sugar high inducing flavored drink mix.

Because of and © we should probably call it SHIFDX.

It is the tendency by people to indulge in exuberance, especially when it comes to marketing information.

In general, it's an important part of the technology industry, because it gets the word out about new technologies.

In specific, it leads to very poor business decision making.

Consider every decision made in the early hype of a technology and where that technology fits in the solution stack today.

Odds are:

     A) it made its way along an evolutionary path and the hype died off - we actually figured out what it was really good for

     B) it isn't what the marketing perception projected - it does something in the realm of what marketing said

     C) it is being impacted by a new technology/integration/abstraction - someone figured out an enhancement or better way of making/doing

     D) it is either WAY cheaper or WAY more expensive - yeah, go figure you have to experience it to actually understand what it cost

     E) except for the companies that created the product, the market changing benefit has ... changed

My suggestion, if you're going to "drink the SHIFDX", do it in moderation and make sure you hand your keys to someone until you're sure you can drive again.

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