Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Home Lab

Lab Network Diagram

The network topology was extremely pragmatic.  I wanted to have a setup I could move if I needed to.

You see, I live in Arizona.  Having it in my office in the summer, well, it's already hot here, why add to my discomfort.

So, I've purchased a small wire cart, put the computers and network on it.  Added an old KVM switch I had laying about, as well as a usable but extremely old Dell monitor, mouse and keyboard.  Wired it up to an old wireless game repeater I had from back in my Xbox days and...

Equipment Deployment

Completely mobile except for power.  I could add a UPS, maybe one day.

Left to right,

Lab 3, running my current Arista Spine and Leaf simulator, on VirtualBox on Ubuntu 14.04.

Lab 2, running OpenStack on Ubuntu 14.04.

Labcore, box I got from a friend upgrading, running Ubuntu 14.04 for anything else I may need to do in the rack.

Network switch, 8 x 1Gbps NetGear SOHO, router, Buffalo SOHO running DDWRT.

Lab 3 and 2 specs are buried somewhere in my blog if you're interested.

Anyway, can't wait for summer.

If you're interested in sharing your home lab picts, tweet 'em to me @abusedbits #homelab


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