Friday, May 10, 2019

The Internet meme vs Cynefin

Stumbling across an interesting relationship can be interesting.  Was looking at a blog by Kees van der Ent on and realized that the header graphic could be related to Cynefin.

cynefin, meme, internet, strategy

Thanks to Dawn ONeil presentation on, I was rapidly able to mock up the concept, meme to the Cynefin graphic, and it became apparent that there is a relationship.

In Cynefin, Complex Collaboration is all about "putting thoughts into words."  It has to be described to work with complexity.  Consider how absolutely wide the fields of Information Technology have become, things as simple as definitions and TLAs may not mean the same things to different technology backgrounds.

Without this specific step in the framework, it's is nearly impossible except through experimentation to achieve anything remotely close to education.

This lends itself heavily to cooperation, taking complex concepts and reducing them to something relatable.  Quite literally "what I say to other people."

Reducing disorder even further, is were understanding really takes hold.  Concepts are extracted, reduced and put in overlay or contrast in such at way that it becomes "what people actually understand."

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