Friday, August 21, 2015

Agile Scrum Training Series

I've been working on a project that is making use of Agile/Scrum in an incredibly complex hardware / hardware / hardware / software / software / software / software ...  (you get the idea).

At this point I'm convinced that this project would have taken 2x to 3x the time to get to the point we're at today AND it wouldn't be half as well documented as it is today.

I'm here to say that Agile/Scrum isn't solely for software development.  It can be used for just about any complex integration task.

Recently spoke with one of my associates and it is apparent that Agile/Scrum is responsible for the elimination of the "chase the shiny object" that often occurs in these types of projects also.

I can't recommend it enough and if you need an introduction, follow the link above to free online training.  It is worth every minute.

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